The 24/7 nature of social media enables us to interact with jetsetters on the go, and a typical hotel handle may only engage with guests on the customer service level. Since the launch of the W Hotels global twitter handle, there has been strong brand awareness and love and an organic growth of followers. The question became: how can we sustain the growth of the page and capture the attention of a non-guest? The solution was found within passion points. Today’s fashion, design, and music became the conversation driver that engaged users to follow, write back, and share. With content that allowed them to feel like they were a part of the conversation, we were able to develop social experiences as a way to provide deeper engagement opportunities, connect with social influencers turned brand advocates, and partner with influential voices – CFDA, Design Miami/Basel, Intel, and vitaminwater.

The unique content brought to life the vibrancy and energy of the W Hotels lifestyle and helped differentiate the brand from its competitors on Twitter. The global twitter page had 10x as many followers with no paid media support within a year. Subsequently, we partnered with the brand’s international agency to help establish their voice in China with Weibo.

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